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Av Tina Karlsson - 25 maj 2016 09:34

Long time since my last entry, but better late than never.... During Autumn/Winter 2015--2016 we have trained and trained and trained. We should have done our debut in mid-level dressage during Autumn 2015 but Dinio got a hoof injury so that ended those plans. How ever - last weekend, May 22, 2016 we did our debut. Off loaded a very excited at the competition. My niece Jennifer Fäldt and my dear mother joined me and acted as support, a helping hand and Jennifer also filmed this competition, both from the warm-up arena and the competition arena. She is so good with the camera. Thank you so much Jennifer!!

Anyway - a very tensed and excited Dinio, not so strange because it was 9 months ago since our last competetion. My goal was to ride on at least 62%, which I need to do twice, in order to qualify to mid-level B- competitions. But, everything can happen with an excited Dinio.

Tried to calm him down during our warm up but didn't succeed as well as I wanted, so it was just to try to do as good as we could in the competition arena. We did what we should do but due to the excitement we only mangaed to achieve 58.6% Next time we will do better. But I am pleased with him anyway, considering the circumstanses, I think he did grate!!

The warmup:





  The competition:



Av Tina Karlsson - 17 december 2015 11:36

2015 is soon over and a new year is ahead of us. 2015 has been a good year, both for Dinio and me. We have worked and trained better than ever. We have participated in 3 competitions with 2 placings. The plan to start mid-level-competitions during the autumn cracked due to a hoofinjury. So the debut will be in 2016. Anyway, I am very pleased with what we have achieved and now both Dinio and I are looking forward too a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday with some long and wonderful walks in the forrest. We both need to calm down a bit and just to enjoy life. In January we start the serious work with the flying changes!!

A few weeks ago Dinio got some lovely massage and I just have to add a picture showing how much he enjoyed it. A grate horse demands a good massage by a proffessional as Ann-Sofie, from time to time.


Due to our good competition results during 2015, Dinio and I was awarded the title Best Competitioner 2015 Dressage by the ridingassociation Skånsta Ryttare. Very unexpected, wonderful and fun! Adding some pictures from the ceremoni.


With this lines and photos I end 2015 and wish you all a

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Felize Navidad!!

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 november 2015 10:43

Well, November is here and the days are getting shorter and shorter for every day that passes bye. Soon it is dark when you leave home for work in the mornings and dark when you leave work for home in the evenings. This means that from now Dinio and I have to ride in the indoor arena from Monday to Friday. Which doesn't suit my Dinio at all. He prefers variation in his work - he loves the forrest and to take long walk abouts. But, what to do?

Now it is time to plan our winter training. As always, there are things to improve and new things to train on. For us we have to keep on with and improve our collected work and also train on flying changes. I aim to start him again in May next year - so we have plenty of time.

I have initiated a new Facebook-group - called "Spanska hästar i sporten" - english translation "Spanish competition horses in Sweden". We have already got over 50 competing horses and over 80 members, and in only a few weeks. Just wonderful. The horses are competing in dressage, jumping, cross country, WE from low level to mid- to high level. Some of the horses are competing on an international level. So nice to be able to connect with each other. Now there is a possibility to arrange something especially for the spanish horses and riders in Sweden. I have already learned that there are several spanish trainers present here in Sweden, giving clinics on a regular basis on different locations. We shall see what we can do in the group and what we can agree on. A dream scenario would be a grate clinic, or several, next year. Something exclusive for us who rides and competes with PRE/CDE/PRE-partbreed's in Sweden!!!!

But - first a long winter with a lot of home based training. Adding a picture from our last competition, a high light moment for Dinio and me, when we earned our first qualification points.  

Av Tina Karlsson - 13 augusti 2015 10:11

During autumn 2014 I moved Dinio to a new stable. Here we have better training possibilities and better service, which Dinio needs due to his stomach problems. Gladly I can say that his problems has gon away. Just some few colics during this summer (2015). Dinio has developed a lot, gained weight and a lot of strong muscles. He has worked so well that I decided to start some competitions with him this year. Our first competition, June 7th, went well. We gained 60% in LB:2. I started him the following weekend, June 14th and this time we got 67% and the 4th place. Now it was time to move on to the next level. August 7th I started him in Vallentuna. This time in a higher class, LA:3 and here we got 63.4% and a 7th place. He has now earned his first 2 qualification points. We are so proud of him. Adding some photos from the last competition in Vallentuna.

Next competition will be in the beginning of September in Norrtälje. And this time in Mid Level dressage!


Av Tina Karlsson - 30 april 2014 10:49

It has been a while since my last entry. The winter has passed and the spring is finally here. For the first time, since Dinio came to me, I have been able to train him during the hole winter. An indoor arena is an fantastic asset, especially up here in Sweden. My object from our last clinic was to work him in a long low form and to create more ralaxation. This work has turned off. He has developed his muscles and feels stronger than ever. 

During december we went to see a specialist in Gastro for a consultation regarding his stomach problems. We did an gastroexcam and the outcome of that - no ulcers. Was recommended to give him Pronutrin which often helps horses with gastro problems. And I must say - it has helped. I am also giving him a spoon of Relax Me from Horse First. A supplement that calmes the stomach area. Dinio has also got a ThermoBar installed. It will keep the water temperature around 25--28 degrees C.

April 14th Dinio turned 15 years old. Took a video 6 days later when he stayed in his paddock. He gave me a show - telling me that he just loves the sunshine and the warm weather, it was around 20 degrees C this day. Take 4 minutes and enjoy this video - Dinio celebrating life.

Our work will of course continue this spring. Our competitonsplan is to compete during this summer, outdoor competitions and to continue the competitions during this autumn.


Av Tina Karlsson - 12 oktober 2013 09:28

October with chilly nights and sunny days with high crispy air. The leafs are turning red and yellow and starting to fall down. The falling leafs are very fascinating to Dinio. He finds them a little bit scary. Now it is completely dark around 18.00 hours. A lot of wild animals are on the move around 17.00 hours and we often comes very near them when riding to the indoor arena. Yesterday they completely surpriced us and we suddenly were surrounded by 8 bambis. Dinio nearly got a hart attack. But after about 10 minutes we could pass them when Dinio understood that they were harmless to him. 

Our training continues and Dinio developes day by day. Our last training session with Jan Schöneman was the best ever. So proud. The collected work has increased and he is getting stronger and stronger. He also gets very loos in his body and his mouth is getting better and better. Now we have the hole winter ahead of us  and thank God for having an indoor arena to train in.

Adding some new photos taken by Natalie Lindholm in June this year.


Av Tina Karlsson - 16 september 2013 10:58

  During this summer Dinio has developed a lot. He have really performed very well. So pleased with him. Layed a competition plan for the autumn but unfortunately on the morning of July 27 he was found with a hoof abscess and I had to call the emergency vet and my ferrier. They both turned up and treated him. Due to that we couldn't compete in August.

Layed a new plan for September but on the 3'rd and 7th of September he got two severe colic attacks. Went to the competition in Vallentuna the 8th of september but he didn't feel OK and our performance was bad. Decided to skip the rest of the competitions in september and to lay all my energy on getting his stomach fit for fight. He is now on an ulcer treatment called Equimins GastroShield and as far as I can see he has responded ver well on this. Last week we took long walks in the nature. Yesterday I trained him and he felt just wonderful. I really hope now that his stomach is improving so that we can continue to compete. Adding a photo from the stable taken a few day's ago.

Av Tina Karlsson - 21 juli 2013 10:14

4 weeks of vacation is now over. Tomorrow morning I will be back at work. I have had a lovely vacation. The weather has been wonderful with sunshine everyday, warm weather and warm evenings. Who can ask for more?

Dinio enjoy's every day with warm weather. The only thing that is bothering him are the insects, but fortunately he has an owner named Tina, who brings him in around 12.00 hrs every day.

We are now in a period of hard training. Dinio is doing very well and soon we will attend our first real competition. Finally the simple changes are working. They have been a big problem though he gets a bit tensed after the transition from canter down to walk. Now we are training on the actual test. Later this week I will ride it through together with my trainer. We still have three weeks to go before the competition. So there is still time.

Adding a photo from this summer, taken by photographer Natalie Lindholm


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