Alla inlägg den 8 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 december 2010 18:43

I am a little bit disapointed, an hour ago the driver called me and told that they would arrive on Friday night at 10 o'clock. They have been delayed in Germany due to some problems with a horse and they had to stop and await for a veterinarian. Hmmmm, well what to doo? Anyway - I went to the stable this evening with the rest of my equipment, installed it and also checked on his box. They had prepared it very well and the box really invited you. I hope Dinio will feel in the same way when he enters it on Friday night.

I have also booked the vet for Wednesday next week for his vacination and resceduled the ferrier to Monday morning.

A talk with the manager of the stable and he informed me that Dinio will have to stay in quarentine for 14 days, this means that he will stay in an separate area during this time. Not so happy  for this, of course, but I think they have pregnant mares (or mare) in the stable so they are protecting them and the rest of the horses. So for now Dinio will have his own private stable. But after the 14-day-period he will join the other horses in the big stable. During day-time he will of course see the other horses.

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