Alla inlägg den 11 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 11 december 2010 19:44

     After e few hours of sleep I went back to the stable. Everything was OK with Dinio. He had been feeding well. My darling mother and father joined us soon and also my son and my grand daughter. They were of course very curious about him and wanted to see him. I started to brusch him and thereafter it was time for our first walk together. We went to the indoor arena and started to walk. Suddenly he froze - what is that? Other horses in the wall? No Dinio, it is mirrors. No, no, it is absolutely other horses running in the wall. No Dinio, it is mirrors. Come on now, don't bother.

Anyway - it was a little bit to much for him. After a while I decided to leave the indoor arena. Thought it would be better to do a new try in the morning. We took some photos and then we turned back to the stable where he was served with pealed and cut carrots. Yammy- said Dinio.

Then my family left and I gave Dinio a thorough brush and I also found his itchy spottes. We did some itchying - very nice indeed - said Dinio.

Now I hope the night will go well and tomorrow I might ride him for a short moment so he can release some of his upbuilt energy.


Av Tina Karlsson - 11 december 2010 10:43

At last - my darling Dinio arrived to the stable at 04.30 Saturday morning 11th of december. The evening before it was -14 degrees celsius but during the night the temp rise to -1.5 degrees celsius. A good omen I must say. Anyway - Dinio left the transporter in an excellent condition. Two lovely ears pointet towards me, was the first I saw of him. Then the head and then the rest of this lovely horse. Very gently he sat down his feet on the ground and then very slowly he walked to the stable.

I think he was a little bit excited over the snow. He tilted his head a little bit and looked down on the ground.

He entered his box and the first thing he did was to drink a lot of water. Then he laid down and rolled over a few times, standed up and gave his body a good shake.

Thereafter he started to feed on the hay. He saw a reflection of himself in the window and that excited him a bit but not for long. While Meg and Ryan, the two drivers still remained, I changed rugs on him. Now he has a fleece rug with neck and a thicker rug on top of that one on him.

I refilled the water bucket for him and about 06.30 I decided to go home for a few hours of sleep. I will return about 13.00 and then we will take a 30 minutes walk, give him a good brush and take some photos.

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