Alla inlägg den 13 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 13 december 2010 18:52

Today, my ferrier Tobbe Hellsten came and attended the Dinio hoofs. He said that the spanish ferrier had done a very good job. He took off a little and attached the wintershoes. He even took photos before and after, just to compare with the future progress. Dinio's behaviour was of course excellent. We sceduled a new apointment for the 1st of february. Then Dinio got his lunch and thereafter I gave him a good brush, did som itchying of course and then I saddled him up and went to the arena.

We continued our work today in a long low form and also repeated the helps from yesterday. A lot of walk in the beginning and we finished the work with a lot of walk. He felt a little bit softer already from the beginning today, but I must be very careful with him and move on very slowly. He was very pleased.

With the snowshoes on I don't have to worry at all that Dinio is going to slip. And that is a nice feeling.

Tomorrow Dinio will enter his paddock for the first time. I hope this will go well. 

I just have to add one thing more - I am in heaven - thank you Dinio!!

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