Alla inlägg den 17 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 17 december 2010 21:30

I am a little bit puzzled. Today when I entered the arena there was another horse there. I mounted and started to walk him. He behaved in the same way as he did last tuesday. He stopped, didn't answer the forward signals, walked a little bit, stopped again. What is the matter? Tried to make him go forward with the help of my whip but he didn't feel it due to the thick riding cover. So I decided to take that off, did so and mounted again. Now I asked him again to go forward and he hardly answered. Then I gave him my whip and he went forward. Prazed him and then I asked him to go forward again, but this time only with my leg aid. He answered. So I prazed him once again. I repeated this until I felt assured that he would go forward every time I asked him to do so. The other horse left the arena and now he started to feel normal again. Now I could ride him and he answered me every time I asked him to do something for me. Hmmmmm. Can it be that he isn't used to work among other horses? I got the feeling that he would prefer to stand still and just observe the other horses. Anyway, I decided that he has to listen to me, even if there are other horses in the arena. I trotted him in a low long form and work a little bit with the shoulder in on the diagonal. I also worked with the gallop, he has some difficulties to catch the gallop so we worked on that to. I think it will take some time before he and I fully understand each other but I am sure that it is going to be really grate in the future. I fear that he has been unprogrammed. I need to start all over with the basics.

Today I also increased the hay with two kilo. He need to eat more due to his weight loss, propabaly due to the long transport home. He now gets 10 kg of hay per day, 0,5 kg of Fibergii, 2 dl (betfor) morning and night, probimin and vitamine B.

So hopefully he will gain some weight pronto.

Tomorrow I will take him out on a soft riding in the nature. Hope he will enjoy that.

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