Alla inlägg den 20 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 20 december 2010 20:54

We now have at least 60 cm of snow - and it is still snowing. Yesterday it was a real horror to drive to and home from the stable, today they had prepared the roads very well. One get a magic feeling when one is driving in the dark. A lot of snow on the trees and the houses, warm lights from the inside of the houses, some smell from the smoke when someone has lighted the fireplace and then the magic of the forrest in its winter costume. Mmmmmmm.

I arrived to the stable at 16.45 and started immediately to clean Dinios box. Meanwhile he got some hay and 0,5 kg of fibergii. Fetched the saddle and the bridle, prepared his evening meal, fetched water and then I gave him a good brush. He is skinny and I hope that the increased amount of hay soon will give some result. If not I have to check wether he has worms or not.

In the arena tonight were Dinio and two other horses. Hmmm I thougt, wonder how this will go. To my surprice he acted totally normal. He was a little bit tensed in the beginning but after a short while he turned in to himself. I was so pleased. He did it!! Due to his god behaviour I decided just to ride him for about 30 minutes and then we returned to the stable. He need to gain some weight before I ask more of him. Well inte stable I served him his evening meal (6 kg of hay and betfor with probimin and vitamine -B). Dinio - you are an white angel, living in a white stable and everything outside is totally white. Hope you love it here.

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