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Av Tina Karlsson - 7 oktober 2012 18:57

Today Dinio and I attended our first competition. Just Low-level, but nevertheless. Our riding club in our community arranged it and I thought it would be good to be there to see his reactions and so on. Also nice to have done one before the winter arrives. My darling mother joined me and she and I just work so well together. Dinio was in the beginning a bit tensed - a lot to check out - a completely new place where he hasn't been before - and a lot of horses moving around. But - as allways - he behaves perfectly. It didn't take long until the saddle was in place and I could start to ride. A bit tensed in the beginning but after just a little while - he was simply wonderful. He was just there and I felt that he enjoyed himself.

Gunilla, my trainer joined me at the warm up area and she looked very happy, I felt very happy. My friend Ingrid, my sister and my niece and my friend Margareta also joined us. They looked happy too. Yes, he was just wonderful at the warm up arena.

Then it was time to enter the collecting ring (indoor). We walked around a bit and then started to trot. He still felt very nice but a bit of his willing to move forward wore lost. Hm, but no catastrofy so far. And finally it was our turn to begin the test. Before the starting signal I tried to show him as much as possible of the arena. Our first problem started after the saluting halt. Trotting straight ahead towards a judge and a secretary sitting on something big at the short end - yak! And then we got problems all the way. Dinio lost a lot of willing to move forward and I sometimes had to carry him around, but some things we did wasn't too bad - after all. We managed to complete our test but with low scores - of course.

What will I take with me - Dinio behaved perfectly and I am very pleased and proud of him. And my goal with this competition was to see how he would react in such an invironment. 100% satisfaction here.

The next thing is that I have to ride him more in indoor arenas so he gets used to them and will be able to maintain his willing to move forward.

Then we need to practice and practice and practice. No new competition this year - we still have some building up to work on.

Addning some pictures from today.


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