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Av Tina Karlsson - 21 juli 2013 10:14

4 weeks of vacation is now over. Tomorrow morning I will be back at work. I have had a lovely vacation. The weather has been wonderful with sunshine everyday, warm weather and warm evenings. Who can ask for more?

Dinio enjoy's every day with warm weather. The only thing that is bothering him are the insects, but fortunately he has an owner named Tina, who brings him in around 12.00 hrs every day.

We are now in a period of hard training. Dinio is doing very well and soon we will attend our first real competition. Finally the simple changes are working. They have been a big problem though he gets a bit tensed after the transition from canter down to walk. Now we are training on the actual test. Later this week I will ride it through together with my trainer. We still have three weeks to go before the competition. So there is still time.

Adding a photo from this summer, taken by photographer Natalie Lindholm


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