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Av Tina Karlsson - 25 maj 2016 09:34

Long time since my last entry, but better late than never.... During Autumn/Winter 2015--2016 we have trained and trained and trained. We should have done our debut in mid-level dressage during Autumn 2015 but Dinio got a hoof injury so that ended those plans. How ever - last weekend, May 22, 2016 we did our debut. Off loaded a very excited at the competition. My niece Jennifer Fäldt and my dear mother joined me and acted as support, a helping hand and Jennifer also filmed this competition, both from the warm-up arena and the competition arena. She is so good with the camera. Thank you so much Jennifer!!

Anyway - a very tensed and excited Dinio, not so strange because it was 9 months ago since our last competetion. My goal was to ride on at least 62%, which I need to do twice, in order to qualify to mid-level B- competitions. But, everything can happen with an excited Dinio.

Tried to calm him down during our warm up but didn't succeed as well as I wanted, so it was just to try to do as good as we could in the competition arena. We did what we should do but due to the excitement we only mangaed to achieve 58.6% Next time we will do better. But I am pleased with him anyway, considering the circumstanses, I think he did grate!!

The warmup:





  The competition:



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