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Bloggtitel:    Tina and Dinio (Caballo de deporte Espanol CDE) Stallion
Förnamn:    Tina
Efternamn:    Karlsson
Län:    Stockholms län
Kommun:    Österåker
Ort:    Åkersberga
Intressen:    Dressyr och hästar


Hi there - ny name is Tina and I bought Dinio, a C.D.E stallion, directly from Spain in October 2010. He arrived in Sweden December 11th, 2010. He is born 1999 and is educated up to PRIX S:t Georg by Daniel Martin and Isidro Maldonado.

After having been riding for about 40 years and educated several horses and competed up to mid-level I am now looking forward to reach a higher level.

Please feel free to follow us on a day to day basis.

Best regards


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