Alla inlägg under augusti 2015

Av Tina Karlsson - 13 augusti 2015 10:11

During autumn 2014 I moved Dinio to a new stable. Here we have better training possibilities and better service, which Dinio needs due to his stomach problems. Gladly I can say that his problems has gon away. Just some few colics during this summer (2015). Dinio has developed a lot, gained weight and a lot of strong muscles. He has worked so well that I decided to start some competitions with him this year. Our first competition, June 7th, went well. We gained 60% in LB:2. I started him the following weekend, June 14th and this time we got 67% and the 4th place. Now it was time to move on to the next level. August 7th I started him in Vallentuna. This time in a higher class, LA:3 and here we got 63.4% and a 7th place. He has now earned his first 2 qualification points. We are so proud of him. Adding some photos from the last competition in Vallentuna.

Next competition will be in the beginning of September in Norrtälje. And this time in Mid Level dressage!


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