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Av Tina Karlsson - 1 januari 2013 09:57

Yes, 2012 was Dinio's second year in Sweden. The year started off with cold weather and of course - a lot of snow. January was spent on daily walks around the Täljö area but during February we could start some serious training on our outdoor arena. Snow - when it is packed -is a good surface to train on. Then March came with warmer weather and everything turned to ice. So we returned to our daily walks around Täljö. Dinio enjoys our walks in the nature - so much to see and to enjoy. Yes, Dinio is a very safe and steady horse - there is not much that spooks him. Nevertheless we experienced two scary rides, one together with my sister on her horse Chilikungen and one when I was out alone. I understand that he is very sensitive to smells. When he smells something that is unfamilliar to him he totally freaks out. The first time I think he smelled a moose or a wild bor, the second time it was newly cut down trees.


From April we started up the serious training again. Our work continued during the spring, summer and autumn, together with my trainer Gunilla, who came to me on a weekly basis. Dinio improved a lot during this period. In October we attended our first competition. Dinio was super during the warming up but when we entered the competition arena he lost his willing to move forward. To bad but this things happens - first we nearly never rides in an indoor arena, second he prefer to have horses around him and the possibility to show how handsome he is. But it was a good experience - now I know how he reacts and behaves on a competition. His behaviour was excellent - no stallion manners - just wonderful.



During 2012 we also attended a clinic for Tiago Albergaria, a dressage trainer from Portugal, one clinic for Mette Henriksen, B-trainer in Sweden and two clinics for Hector Carmona, Grand prix dressage trainer, here in Sweden.



During November I started to prepare him for the winter and a well deserved resting period. In the beginning of December the winter arrived extremely rapidly with snow chaos and very cold weather. This weather normally arrives in the beginning of January but not this year. This year it has also rained more than usual so one must say that 2012 in that point of view was an extremely odd one.

Regarding Dinio's health we are still struggeling with his repeatingly on going gas cholics. When reducing the amount of hay and introducing straw instead he has improved. One theory is that he is not used to good feeding and therefor I have reduced it. I also introduced Equimins ColEase which reduces the amount of gas in his stomach, which also have improved the situation. But unfortunately this means that he is loosing in weight. And as a working and competing horse he will need to build up a lot of muscles and strength and it enoys me a lot that I can't solve this matter. But I will never give in. Change in weather conditions also results in a gas cholic. Chilly weather is another reason. That also supports one of my theories - that during the summer he never gets any gas cholics - so coldness and change in weather is not good for Dinio.


Now we are living day by day and are looking forward to the spring and the upcoming competitions. I have layed a plan for 2013 but it all depends on how fast the spring will arrive and how soon our serious training can start. 2013 will be a very serious year with a lot of competitions, hard training and I will also try to found another stable for us where Dinio is wellcome, even though he is a stallion, and where there are an indoor arena - so we can train during the hole year.

HAPPY NEW 2013 to all of You!!


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