Alla inlägg under mars 2013

Av Tina Karlsson - 4 mars 2013 15:13

A tough month is finally over. We have spent it by walking around in the Täljö area, and now and then, we have managed to complete some sessions on our outdoor arena. Due to a lot of snow it has been possible, but you can not say that there has been some serious training. Booth Dinio and I are longing for the spring. Dinio is now ful of energy and really have to start some serious work!

At the end of February I got a very joyful message - Dinio and I got an offer to move to Rocksta, situated in Angarn, Brottby. There they have all the fascilities you can want - and of course - I gladly accepted. So at the end of March we are going to move. Feels at the same time a bit sad though both Dinio and I have really enjoyed our stay at Täljö. But who knows, we might be back in the future.

Now I am waiting for warmer weather and that the snow will disappear. Hopefully that is done in a few weeks.

Adding a photo from March 2012.  

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