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Av Tina Karlsson - 13 april 2013 19:24

The endless winter is finally over. It has been a very long, hard and cold one. And due to this Dinio and I have lost 5 months of training. I am therefor happy to write that we moved to a new stable 14 day's ago. Here we have all the fascilities you can wish for. Dinio enjoys his new stable. He stay's between two geldings, Fridolin and Wilmar, and theese three have much to tell each other. Just friendly greetings and I am happy for Dinio. And no more a winter without an indoor arena.

However, the indoor arena isn't Dinios favourite. He gets very tensed there but I am certain that he will get used to it. We really have to train a lot indoors though most competitions take place in indoor arenas here in Sweden.

Earlier this week Dinio got a check up of his chiropractor. She said that Dinio felt just fine in his body, only a bit tensed in his right hip, nothing to worry about. She also said that he really had developed his body a lot. Still have to put on some more muscles on his back. Otherwise tip top!!

Today I rode my first clinic for Jan Schöneman. He comes on a regular basis to our stable and I thought it would be a good idea to try. Took a 30 minutes lesson today and will ride one more early in the morning. My darling mother joined with the camera and here are some photos from today.


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